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TVNZ first to adopt AWS Clean Rooms for secure advertisement innovation
Fri, 1st Dec 2023

Television New Zealand (TVNZ), the state-owned, commercially funded television broadcaster, is the first media company in Aotearoa to adopt Amazon Web Services (AWS) analytics service, AWS Clean Rooms. The announcement was made at AWS re: Invent, showcasing the company's move to transform advertising management.

AWS Clean Rooms helps firms across diverse industries, including advertising, media, and financial services, to collaborate and analyse their shared customer datasets securely without copying or revealing the base data. The decision to integrate this technology positions TVNZ at the cusp of advertising breakthroughs while respecting privacy protocols.

In the rapidly evolving media and entertainment sector, 71% of consumers anticipate personalised interactions. The data collected by content providers, such as viewership metrics and viewer preferences, is extremely valuable to advertisers and vital for creating a personalised viewing experience.

AWS Clean Rooms assists TVNZ in safeguarding viewer data and, with audience consent, it allows TVNZ and its advertising partners like McDonald's and media company OMD to analyse anonymised collective data in a secure environment, tailoring their advertising and media strategy based on unique customer insights.

Amazon Personalize, a machine learning service enabling companies to create real-time personalised user experiences at scale, is also utilised by TVNZ to suggest content based on individual viewing behaviours. This integration helps the broadcaster to engage audiences with more relevant content.

Rob Hutchinson, Digital Commercial General Manager at TVNZ, affirmed, "If you want viewers to pay attention to your ads, you must show them personalised offers that resonate with their needs. AWS Clean Rooms enables us to deliver personalisation while protecting customer data."

"Our advertising partners can set up AWS Clean Rooms at low cost in just a few minutes, creating an environment for us to collaborate and analyse data securely. We're excited to be offering innovation, working in a future-fit and privacy-centric way."

Jen Hilliar, Business Director at OMD, New Zealand, reported that TVNZ's AWS solution provided an innovative opportunity to anonymise and deploy McDonald's first-party data securely across advertising channels. This pioneering approach is expected to enhance personalised and relevant ad delivery.

AWS Advanced Consulting Partner Slalom, a global technology consulting company, facilitated the implementation of AWS Clean Rooms. Slalom expeditiously enabled TVNZ and its advertisers to deliver personalised content more securely and cost-effectively, thus respecting TVNZ's robust data governance and privacy policy.

Rio Longacre, Global Lead for Advertising and Marketing Transformation at Slalom, stated that the solution offered personalised consumer engagement and presented an incredible opportunity for broadcasters to lead in this field.

Tiffany Bloomquist, Country Manager of the Commercial Sector at AWS New Zealand, said that TVNZ was the first media company in New Zealand to benefit from the secure data-collaboration capabilities AWS Clean Rooms offers, thus "driving advertising success without compromising data protection."

AWS, which began local operations in New Zealand in 2013, has a long-term commitment to the country, planning to invest NZD $7.5 billion to open an AWS Asia Pacific (Auckland) Region. This investment is anticipated to generate 1,000 new jobs and contribute NZD $10.8 billion to the country's gross domestic product (GDP) over the next 15 years.