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Digital Island’s new workshop for superior contact centres
Tue, 9th May 2023

Digital Island has launched Customer Experience Accelerator Lab to help businesses get the most out of their contact centre operations.

Digital Island is a contact centre expert within Spark Business Group and is strongly suggesting businesses evaluate their contact centres to enhance customer satisfaction, retention and new customer acquisition in an era that is struggling with low business confidence and ongoing operational challenges.

The new offering is designed to help companies focus on improving customer and employee experience with the overall goal of growing business revenue.

Leon Sheehan, CEO of Digital Island, says the company’s new Customer Experience Accelerator workshops will create a blueprint that businesses can use to help them recognise how best to enhance service delivery to their customers using better operations and technology based on best practice and emerging trends.

Sheehan notes that, on average, businesses save up to 45% when using a Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) offering, according to CIO research.

In addition, businesses that use CCaaS are also 67% more efficient.

“We’re introducing these one-day intensive CX workshops to help businesses understand the true potential of their contact centres and how they align to their organisational strategies and goals,” Sheehan says.

“Businesses are experiencing challenges in the face of economic uncertainty and constantly shifting customer demands, and it’s not always easy to assess how Customer Experience objectives are aligned to business goals.

“With almost 90% of customers identifying that the experience they receive is as important as the product or service that they’re purchasing – we’re seeing Customer Experience as the new battleground for New Zealand businesses.

“Those that fail to invest in this space risk getting left behind.”

Digital Island’s specially-catered workshops will see the company offer a candid and detailed focus on topics including:

  • Customer Experience (CX) and Employee Experience (EX) strategies aligned to overarching business strategies
  • Workload management and driving labour or resourcing efficiencies
  • Ensuring KPIs, Data, and Dashboards are driving the right behaviours
  • Identifying the right self-service tools and offers that drive customers to self-resolve.

Digital Island has created its Accelerator Labs to afford participants minimal prep work, with the company providing a complete diagnostic of the health of a contact centre.

“We understand that finding the time to assess and review a business’s operations can often be challenging, therefore the Customer Experience Accelerator workshops are designed to deliver a rapid high value diagnostic review of a contact centre,” Sheehan says.

“The review only takes one day allowing for businesses to be informed about the next steps to improve their CX goals.

“By stepping back and taking a holistic view of a Contact Centre, our Digital Island specialists will develop a blueprint that identifies the key issues, opportunities, priorities and importantly, the right next steps as a roadmap for transforming a Contact Centre’s operations.”

Sheehan adds that Digital Island’s customer Farmlands has experienced a significant uplift in customer resolution since the company carried out a discovery workshop and deployed Amazon Connect.

Specifically, Farmlands now boasts an 81% First Contact Resolution rate, which signals that most of its customers now reach the right person the first time.

Farmlands is one of New Zealand’s biggest cooperatives and found that giving its contact centre advisors and customers a seamless omnichannel platform generated powerful insights that could be converted into customer satisfaction and can also be used to help quickly recognise where to focus efforts to improve customer experience.

For example, in October 2022, there were only 40 seconds with an unprecedented abandonment rate of 9%.

As a result, Farmlands improved agent satisfaction and enhanced customer experience for its clients.

Digital Island encourages businesses to express their interest in attending the workshop and will also choose one business to attend a free workshop.

Each workshop will generate the following:

  • A report that details the workshop findings
  • A scorecard for their Contact Centre and CX maturity rated against industry best practice
  • A defined list of priorities and next steps for ongoing CX transformation
  • Guidance and recommendations from Digital Island’s consultants to support the CX blueprint.