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Juniper touts enterprise focus for GBP USD $900bn telecoms potential by 2024
Fri, 29th Mar 2024

Juniper Research, experts in telecommunications markets, has released a study indicating that telecom operators should focus on monetising enterprise markets, such as cellular Internet of Things (IoT), to make the most of the projected USD $900 billion global telecommunications market in 2024. The research highlights that despite substantial investment in 5G networks, operators are not able to monetise the widespread adoption due to the inability to gain a significant price premium over 4G services.

Juniper's study, 'Global Operator Revenue Strategies 2024-2028,' advises operators to focus their investment on cloud technologies and API services. This will enable novel services such as CAMARA-compliant APIs, which can more effectively manage IoT services on networks. APIs would permit third-party software to collaborate with specific applications in telecom networks.

The study identifies 5G as the key enabling platform for operator growth in the IoT market. The large extent of software-defined processes in 5G technology aids swift deployment of APIs. To maximise this growth, the study suggests that operators must provide APIs that enable the real-time management of devices, remote configuration, and integration with third-party solutions. By doing so, operators will be better positioned to tap into the potential for IoT connectivity revenue. This market is predicted to grow from USD $10 billion in 2023 to USD $23 billion by 2028.

The co-author of the study, Benjamin Clark, commented on the findings: "Despite the investment into new technologies, strategies to monetise networks via mobile subscribers have fallen short. Future business models must create value for enterprises and new revenue streams that monetise via enterprise activities."

The new research suite from Juniper Research is the most comprehensive assessment of the operators' revenue strategies market to date. It provides an in-depth market analysis and forecasts for 60 countries, containing over 13,500 market statistics over a five-year period. It includes a Competitor Leaderboard and an examination of current and future market opportunities.

Juniper Research's latest study illuminates the challenges and opportunities facing telecommunications operators in monetising their investments, particularly in the era of 5G and IoT. Focusing on enterprise markets and innovative technologies like cloud and API services, the research offers valuable insights into strategies that can drive revenue growth and market expansion.

By emphasising the importance of providing value to enterprises and leveraging real-time management capabilities, operators stand to capitalise on the immense potential of IoT connectivity revenue. As the telecommunications landscape continues to evolve, operators must adapt their approaches to unlock new sources of revenue and stay competitive in the dynamic market.

Juniper's comprehensive research suite serves as a roadmap for operators navigating these transformative times, offering actionable recommendations and market insights to guide their future strategies and investments. For two decades, Juniper Research has provided market intelligence and advisory services to the global telecommunications sector. It is widely trusted by many of the world's leading network operators and communication platforms.