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Spark introduces Outage Assist for uninterrupted connectivity during outages
Thu, 14th Dec 2023

Telecommunications company Spark will offer free mobile data, hotspotting, and calling to broadband customers during fixed network outages. The service addition, known as Outage Assist, will automatically allocate 14GB of high-speed data, along with unlimited New Zealand calls and texts, to Spark mobile users impacted by either fibre or copper network disruption. Timely text notifications will also enhance transparency surrounding the time it would take for service restoration.

The Outage Assist service aims to facilitate customer experience during outages, keeping them connected even if their home broadband connection encounters a disruption. In addition, it seeks to provide proactive information about service restoration schedules.

A new broadband performance tracking platform, My Broadband Health, is also being introduced to all Spark broadband customers. This digital dashboard, accessible via their MySpark accounts, enables clients to monitor the progress of network restoration during outages in their area and conduct broadband health assessments to troubleshoot issues beyond network interruptions.

Excited about the proactive attitude shift from reactions to disruptions, Greg Clark, SME and Consumer Director, Spark, stated, "While most of today's modern networks are highly reliable, the reality is there will be times when broadband goes down and customers can't get online."

"But if you have both mobile and broadband with Spark, we will make sure you're supported during fixed network outages by boosting mobile data, hotspotting and calling for free."

For Spark customers enrolled in a fibre or copper broadband plan, along with a Spark pay monthly mobile scheme, the Outage Assist service will be automatically implemented during network disruptions, provided the mobile network is not considerably strained. Customers on prepaid mobile offerings from Spark can register for Outage Assist through the new My Broadband Health dashboard.

Clark placed a focus on improving customer support by acknowledging the frustration customers face when dealing with connectivity issues. He highlighted the importance of giving customer service teams enhanced visibility to address issues promptly and provide a more personalised approach.

Clark added, "We know when customers contact us with connectivity issues, they're likely already frustrated and don't want to have to explain their situation and go through the same troubleshooting steps they've already attempted."

"Giving our customer service teams better visibility means we can support them faster and take a more personalised approach. Our ultimate goal is to build stronger relationships with our customers by providing them with timely information, personalised support and incredible experiences."

Outage Assist will supersede Spark's incumbent Connection Promise service, which offers free mobile data to up to four mobile devices during an outage. Current users of this previous service need not take any action, as their preferences will be effortlessly migrated to the new Outage Assist service. However, there may be periods when the provision of free mobile allowances could be delayed due to significant congestion on the mobile network, such as during widespread power outages.