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Zyxel Networks launches high-performing, cloud-managed Ethernet switches
Mon, 26th Feb 2024

Zyxel Networks, a provider of secure, AI-enabled cloud networking solutions, unveiled an innovative addition to their product range: the XMG1915 series 8/16-Port 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet Smart Managed Switches. These all-new cloud-managed switches are designed to equip prosumers and small businesses to handle the ever-increasing demand implicit in today's high-bandwidth era, providing a cost-effective solution that is compliant with the challenges of the contemporary data-driven world.

The key aspect of the XMG1915 series is its noteworthy performance within a compact frame. It seeks to mitigate the challenges posed by large file transfers and requirements for high-quality multimedia. This series includes 8/16-port models where all downlink ports operate at 2.5G speed, assuring seamless connectivity for a variety of connected devices like WiFi 6/6E/7 APs, multi-gig computers, IP cameras, and NAS devices. Furthermore, the XMG1915 series includes two high-speed 10G uplink ports to ensure yet more bandwidth, facilitating users in unlocking their full potential across diverse high-performance applications and tasks.

Zyxel Networks has integrated 60W PoE++ support across eight ports of the XMG1915 series, thus offering compatibility for high-power devices and streamlining the installation process. The switch has a total PoE budget of 130W/180W - a competitive and sufficient offering for a small business. The series does away with the necessity for re-cabling as users can employ their existing Cat 5 cables, providing a cost-efficient solution. Noteworthy is its compact size, almost half that of typical 2.5G switches, optimising desktop placement and enhancing the functionality of the workspace by freeing up valuable space.

An undeniably significant factor in the XMG1915 series' appeal is its silent and energy-saving design. The switch is engineered with a fanless outline and robust hardware heat dissipation, allowing for quiet operation and saving energy. Its two models, XMG1915-8E/8EP, are entirely fanless, and the XMG1915-18EP model boasts a whisper-silent fan, achieving a perfect balance between effective cooling and maintaining a peaceful workspace environment.

With its cloud-manageable capability through Zyxel's Nebula platform, the XMG1915 series facilitates effortless device integration and network setup via the Nebula app, primarily through QR code scans. The Nebula app serves as a comprehensive management platform, empowering users to maintain connectivity and security of their network through a single, easily navigable interface. This flexibility of cloud management is complemented by robust remote management capabilities, such as executing device reboots from any location. The XMG1915 series also includes a Loop Prevention feature that identifies and resolves configuration-related issues automatically and offers standalone management as a versatile option for local network control.

Speaking about the XMG1915 series, Mr. Gary Chen, ANZ regional head at Zyxel Networks, stated, "The XMG1915 series represents a significant leap forward in network technology. By providing an easy and cost-effective solution to upgrade to multi-gig networks, we're empowering prosumers and small businesses to meet the demands of today's data-driven world."